Following is the Privacy Policy for Any visitor(s)/user(s)/customer(s) are encouraged to review and understand all the policies to dispose of any misconception. In case, of any confusion, the user(s)/customer(s) can contact our team at

Personal Information

The website ( is hosted on a third-party server. The server of our website automatically logs the visitor’s IP address whenever the website is visited. Moreover, the server also logs other information by every visitor(s)/user(s)/customer(s), such as the type of information requested, the date and time of requested information, and accessed pages.

The visitor information is not shared with any third party; however, it is stored with our host, and it is secured for our own record. Any kind of breach or leakage of information is uncompromised from our side. Our host is trustworthy and does not go over on the stored information. Similarly, by no means, we are concerned to pass or look up to the saved information.

The reasons to save such information is to identify and prevent any unauthorized access to our website, such as cyber-attacks, malicious code distribution, and denial of services threat. In case of any attacks, we have the right to take immediate action against suspicious activity, regardless of the existing customer(s), the user(s), or a random visitor(s). And therefore, to detect any unusual or suspicious activity, the stored information can be investigated by the authorities.

Collection of Information when Customer(s)/User (s) interact with the website


Your information can be used to deliver the newsletters or any other marketing promotions. Happymums may send you promotional emails, or greetings, or any other material that can be for marketing and communication purposes. You may also receive information related to our new products and offers through email.

Checkout / Registration

Any user(s)/customer(s) when creating an account on or at the time of checkout, are asked for the following information, and the same information is collected and store in the server: name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, and password (We do not view any password but it is recommended to keep a strong one). All the information is stored in the server (except the password) to ensure a satisfactory user experience whenever the customer(s)/user(s) visits the website for shopping purposes for the next time.


Online payment is possible if the customer(s)/user(s) agree or desire to pay through their debit or credit card(s). Happymums is working with highly-secured payment gateways to assure safety and protection to every payment input or information.

Information to Third Party assures that any information given by the users is entirely safe. However, we only provide information to third parties – in our case: the hired courier service – to ensure the ordered item(s) or product(s) are delivered on the provided address.

Information Collected When any Customer (s) / User (s) contact us

The customer(s)/user(s) will be asked for the following details on every online purchase, or in case they wish to contact us for any query through email, or any other medium of communication.

Full Name

Complete Residential/Delivery Address

Email Address

Contact Number

Measurement Sizes (depending on the reason for contacting us)

Change in Privacy Policy

The company ( has the right to change the privacy policy with or without informing the user(s)/customer(s) at any time.